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80 Years Helping Finishers

Our readers share how Products Finishing has helped their careers as the magazine celebrates its 80th year covering the finishing industry. more(+)

Aerospace Finishing’s Race to the Moon

In our 80th year, a look back at how finishing helped NASA-led space projects. more(+)

A Second Career in Powder Coating

Terence Reid and Walker Knox say they are working to continue the company's reputation for quality and customer service excellence built over two decades. more(+)

Top Surface Finishing Innovations of 2016

We look back at the industry’s top new products and services for the past year. more(+)

A Conversation with Michael Cash, Axalta Coating Systems

Michael Cash is senior vice president and president of Industrial Coatings of Axalta Coating Systems. more(+)

Celebrating the First 80 Years

Oak is the traditional gift for someone turning 80 years old, as it symbolizes longevity and strength, two hallmarks of what we feel our magazine has been with the surface finishing industry since its debut in 1936. more(+)

Gardner Business Index: October 2016

Business expectations remain at the highest level since July 2015. more(+)

Stand and Deliver on Valuating Your Services

Let the rest compete on price. Define the value of your product, stand firm and protect your margin. more(+)

40 Under 40: The 2016 Class is Full of Leaders

Young professionals are a vital asset to the finishing industry. Products Finishing is recognizing the industry’s top young talent through an annual 40 Under 40 program. more(+)

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Other Top Stories

Ultrasonic Technology Takes Tool Cutter beyond the Same Old Grind

New agitation pre-cleaner helps remove more oil and dirt while shortening cycle time.

Parts Cleaning: The Basics of Bases and Acids

Small changes in the pH of a cleaning bath can make the difference in achieving effective cleaning.

Data-Driven Coater Uses Technology to Improve Finishes

Iowa’s Co-Line is a Top Shop that uses analytics to improve efficiencies.

Anodizing Clinic: Measuring Color of Coatings with a Colorimeter

Q. Recently, a company asked us to match its samples so we could do work for them. According to our method, we matched the samples, but they were rejected when they were sent to the company. We were told the samples were out of tolerance. We discovered the company used a different brand colorimeter with a different color scale to measure the color. Is there a set standard in the anodizing industry for measuring and matching colors?

Anodizing Clinic: Anodic Coating Blistering on 7075 Alloy

Q. We have recently run into a surface condition when hard anodizing 7075 machined forgings. It seems to be present primarily on the end of the part, even down into the hole. Both of these areas are machined. The condition does not appear to be evident on other surfaces. I have not seen this condition before, but it appears to me to be rather unique and something recognizable.

Powder Coating Clinic: Solving Problems with Color Variation

Q. We are noticing differences in the color of parts coming out of the oven. It seems to happen more on some days than others. It can happen with any of our brighter colors like orange and red but does not seem to happen with more neutral colors like tan or gray. We use some infrared heaters in the first 20 feet of the oven and the rest is convection heating. We worked on balancing the oven but it is hard to get it level all the way through. What can cause color variation from part to part? How can we balance the oven and stop this problem?
Fischer Technology, Inc
Chemetall America

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