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Investors Turn Eye to Aerospace

Investment groups are buying finishing shops that they feel will provide the best return on their money. more(+)


Galvanizing, Powder Coat Give A1 Protection

Kansas City shop uses duplex coatings for extra corrosion resistance. more(+)


Aerospace: Base Coat-Clear Coat System Offers Benefits for Aircraft

This system improves buffability and extends service life. more(+)


Mechanical Finishing to Enhance Plating Operations

Combination swing-frame grinder cuts production time at Lincoln Industries. more(+)

A Conversation With…Dale Watkins, Sheffield Platers

Turning in his toque for a plating shop, this cyclist quickly learned the ropes of shop ownership. more(+)


Top Shops and the Chase for Excellence

Electroplating survey runs through December at more(+)


Kyzen’s VaporDegreasing 20|20 Promises New Standard

An “Aha!” moment helped carry degreasing to the present day. more(+)


GBI: Finishing for October—43.0

In October, the rate of contraction accelerated. more(+)


The “Skills Gap” is Your Fault!

The disinterest of tomorrow’s workforce is your problem, too. more(+)

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RPW was started in 1929 by Julian Maliszewski, the grandfather of the current owners. Julian’s father, John, ran the company for decades before his three sons took over the

Top Shops Questions: Prepare Your Data

As you get ready to take part in the Products Finishing Top Shops Benchmarking Survey for 2016, here are some of the questions you will be asked. I

Anodizing Q&A: Adhesion of Organic Coatings on Black Anodized Parts

Is there an alternate black anodized finish to the black dye method?

Anodizing Q&A: Typical Hardness of Type III (Hardcoat) Anodized Coatings

Would increasing the hardness of a coating show a significant increase in wear resistance?

Electrocoat Q&A: Best Testing Practices

What are the best practices for testing an automotive electrocoat system?
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