Aluminum Nameplates Again

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Posted on: 3/1/2003

Question: I read your answer in the July issue and I felt you left the reader hanging.


I read your answer in the July issue and I felt you left the reader hanging. I don’t know if you care to comment further? With respect to laser engraving, sophisticated computerized methods are currently available to burnish variable information on to a color coated anodic substrate. This should be durable enough for outdoor exposure even though it, undoubtedly, exposes the raw aluminum. You are right that ink jet printers would not be useful in this case as the inks applied are not designed to withstand outdoor exposure. Very limited protection would be provided with an overcoat varnish. Alternatively, to achieve maximum weather resistance and improved durability direct emulsion film printing methods facilitate the application of colored anodizing dyes which embed the “coloring” under the sealed anodic coating. In this case, the user would not be limited to aluminum colored letters and the reverse can be achieved. “Black” color is recommended as it is known to withstand maximum weather resistance and UV exposure. E. S.


Oh no, not nameplates again, but I hate it when my readers are left hanging. E. S., now I believe it when they say, “There is more than one way to skin a cat.” Who are the they that say it? One of my colleagues always said, “The they are the people who clean the offices at night.” As a dedicated paint man, I still think the right overcoat varnish would help solve the problems or at least it would cover them up.


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