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Posted on: 9/1/2005

Question: Where can I find procedures to determine various components in plating baths?


Where can I find procedures to determine various components in plating baths? I do not want to get into instrumentation at this time but want to obtain reliable numbers for managing my plating baths. C. S.


Over the years, I have received many questions regarding testing procedures for various components in plating baths. Some of the requests are for exotic or unusual plating baths but most questions have to do with the “bread and butter” baths that are used routinely.

You do not have to be a Ph.D. chemist to set up a simple laboratory for testing of components in your process baths. The most critical part of the process is performing the tests in a consistent manner and recording the data in a format so it can be reviewed and tabulated.

Two of the best references for obtaining these testing procedures are Volumetric Analysis of Metal Finishing Solutions by Andrew McFadyen and Colorimetric Analysis of Metal Finishing & Metal Working Solutions and Effluents by Aubry Knowles. Both books are available from Finishing Publications,

Your chemical vendors should also be able to supply you with standard procedures.


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