BASF building new automotive coatings plant in Shanghai
CCAI Presents "Basics of Powder Coating" in Spanish on April 16 in Miami
CCAI SoCal Chapter Partners with Marines on 'Toys for Tots' Event
Haviland Announces 100% Employee Ownership
NASF, MFASC Award West Coast Bright Design Scholarships
NASF's AESF Foundation Awards Scholarship
New USGA Stimpmeter Shines in Anodized Blue
PCx Cleaning Show Registration is Open
Plating Q&A: Low Stress Nickel Deposit
Powder Coat Q&A: A Good System Gone Bad

Feature Articles

Battle for CARC Powder Coating
Bringing You the Future of Coatings with PVD
Employment Inches Forward, Factory Production Rises
Microabrasive Precision Shot Peening
New Chromium Electroplating Housekeeping Requirements
Nickel Saved is Nickel Earned
PPG Also Wins $1.5 Million Through DoD’s SERDP
Progress in Replacing Decorative Electroplating Chrome Coatings on Plastics with Physical Vapor Deposition Coatings
Taking the (Oxide) Edge Off
Vacuum Deposition and Coating Options
Why Vacuum Coating?

New Products

Gas-Heated Tunnel Oven
Goldeneye Barrier Layer System for High Speed Connector Electroplating
Robotic Blast Machine Boasts Extended Height
Seven Antique Finish Options
Superhydrophobic Coating Repels Water, Oil and Other Liquids.

News Briefs

BASF’s Wet-on-Wet Technology Boosts Nissan Partnership
BOOK REVIEW: Electrochemical Production of Metal Powders
Cleaning Technologies Group is On the Move
Enthone Launches New Chinese Site
Fischer Technology Appoints Boyle Sales Engineer
Hosco Site Identifies Cost of Dirt in Class-A Paint Shops
Martin Awe Named Commercial Director, Koch Membrane
New Dörken Coating System Approved for Use in Wind Energy Plants
Powder Coating Expo Calls for Papers
SAF-West Opens Anodizing Line, Adds Capacity

Ask an Expert

Bubbles in Steel
Chemical Film Staining
Coating Cast Zinc Jewelry
Coating PVC Products
Critical Holes Out of Tolerance
Dissolving Titanium Anode Baskets
Flaking Paint
Fluid Flow and Plating Rate
Hull Cell Testing
Masking Painted Parts
Nickel Plating Problem
Non-Electrolytically Applied Zinc Coat
Paint Over Powder Coating
Pink Coating on BSA Parts
Reducing Cure Time with a Hybrid Oven
Yellow Tint to Parts

Exhibits & Display

Atlas Material Testing Systems Evaluate Fluorescent UV, Xenon Exposure
DeFelsko Gage Suited for Coatings on Concrete
Elcometer Gage Measures Coating Adhesion
Fischer Technology Gage Measures Duplex Coatings
Oxford Instruments XRF Analyzer Boosts Process Control, Cost Efficiency
Paul N. Gardner Coating Thickness Gage Can Handle Harsh Conditions
Spectro Analytical Instruments Spectrometer Uses ETV to Detect Trace Metals

Finishing Touch

The Plater to the Stars


Impact of REACH Regulation on the Global Finishing Market

End of the Line

A Conversation with … LaVaughn Daniel

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