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Adhesion Loss
Aluminum Pretreatment for Paint
Caustic Effect On Zinc-Coated Steel
Coat the I-Beam with Parylene
Contamination in Nickel Tank
Copper Plateback
E-Coating Zinc Stampings
Electrocleaning in a Barrel
Intercoat Adhesion
Latex Spraying Revisited
Outdoor Finish System
Requirements for Coating Aluminum
Shaken, Not Stirred
Tanks for Citric Acid Passivation
Tighter Tolerances
Training Programs

News Briefs

AMT Buys Publications
Anodizer Expanding Miami Operations
Coatings Maker Launches New Website
Columbia Chemical Appoints Technologies VP
Coventya Names Manager to Expand Program
Custom Coater Named Applicator for Fine Powders
Elcometer Opens Japanese Office
EPA Proposes Changes to Clean Air Act Standards for Boilers and Incinerators
EPA Releases Formerly Confidential Chemical Information
Groups Create National Standard for Reporting Chemical Hazards
Henkel Earns Excellence Award
Maker of Filtration Systems Launches Website
Manual Cleaner Earns Bombardier Approval
MetoKote Named E-Coat Supplier for VW Service Parts
OSHA Issues New 'National Emphasis Program' for Chemical Facilities
parts2clean Boasts Record Attendance
PCI Offers Results of Powder Coating Study
Powder Coater Opens Florida Facility
PPG Donates to COSI Energy Project
Rosler Expands Michigan Facility
Sifco Manager Named to “Quality” List
Specialty Chemicals Maker Updates Website
Spray Finishing Training Offered
Spraying Systems Redesigns Website
Techspray Introduces Mobile Site


“Petty Blue” goes green as Petty’s Garage converts to BASF Waterborne Paints
Chevy Sonic Gets Eco-Friendly Paint Job
KIRCHNER: 'And you can quote me on that!'
New marine coating prevents barnacles from forming colonies
NJ's Quantum Coating helps NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope
PAINTING: Latex Spraying Revisited
PCI announces COATING 2012 in St. Louis
PF Expert: Electrocoating's Joe Tirado answers your questions
Plating: Trivalent Chromium Reduction
PPG's CEO says coatings revenues up 30%
Question: Thin Parts Stick Together
West Coast Bright Design Challenge picks winners


Manual Powder Gun Designed for Consistency
Manual System Coats Complex Parts
Open Face Spray Booths Fit Range of Processes
Rotary-Head Gun Sprays Recessed Areas
Spray Gun Available in HVLP, Conventional Versions


Cobalt-Free Zinc and Zinc-Alloy Passivation
Electroless Nickel Duplex Coatings Using RoHS-Compliant Systems
Gold-Iron High Speed Electrolytes - an Effective Alternative to Cobalt and Nickel Hard Gold Electrolytes

New Products

Nickel-Tungsten Plating Solution Is Chromium Alternative
Paint Booth Filters Improve Performance with Waterborne Paints
Stronger Degreaser Quickly Removes Soil

Feature Articles

Anodizing for Bonding Applications in Aerospace
Climbing the Nadcap Ladder for Certification
Getting HIP: Improving Die-Cast Substrates for Anodizing with Hot Isostatic Pressing
Reducing the Chance of Spray Booth Fires

Tech Notes

Soaring to New Aerial Paint Heights

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A Conversation with ... Dan Davitz, MagicRack

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