Exhibits & Display

Alkaline Non-Cyanide Copper Process
Automatic Hoists
Black Electroless Nickel Process
Cadmium Brush Plating Alternative
Cobalt-Free Trivalent Chromate
Cobalt-Free Trivalent Post Treatment for Zinc
Conversion Coating for Aluminum
Copper Sulfate Crystal
Coulometric Thickness Tester
Cyanide Treatment
Danglers with CPE Rubber Overmolds
Decorative and Hard Chrome PFOS-Free Processes
Double Barrier Box Liners
Dye for Colored and Hard Anodizing
Electric Immersion Heaters and Temp Controls
Electroless Grade Nickel Sulfate and Nickel Chloride Solution
Environmentally Friendly Paint and Powder Stripper
Fluid Handling Equipment
Foam Reduction
Food-Grade Chemicals
Heavy Duty Centrifugal Dryers
High Flow Filtration System
High Flow Performance Pump
High Speed EN Bath
High-Flow Filtration
High-Speed Electrolytic Process
Hybrid Filter Press
Low-Temp Trivalent Passivate Technology
Masking for Plating Operations
Nickel Salt Recovery System
Non-Chrome Micro Layer Corrosion Protection
Non-Cyanide Copper and Silver Processes
Non-Destructive Coating Testing
Plating Power Supply
Prepaint Conversion Coatings
PTC Electric Immersion Heaters
PTC Heaters
Pumps for Corrosive Liquids
Quality Used Plating Equipment
Quick-Connect Dangler
Rugged Insertion Flow Sensor
Rust-Proof Surface Treatment
Safer, Heavy-Duty Cleaning
Self-Cleaning Filtration Systems
Stainless Steel Mist Eliminator
Titanium Anode Baskets and Immersion Coils
Trivalent and No-Chromium Chemicals
Trivalent Chromate for Zinc Electroplate
Turnkey Process Lines
Waste Treatment Equipment, Contract Testing Services
Waterborne Clearcoats
Water-Saving Rinse System
Wet Particulate Collector
X-Ray Systems for Plating Thickness Measurement
XRF Analyzer
Zinc Nickel Alloys

New Products

850°F Walk-In Oven for High-Temp Batch Baking
Automatic Powder Coating Gun Reduces Part Rejects
Belt Conveyor Oven Cures Powder on Aluminum Bottles
Clear Topcoat for Metal Surfaces
Coating Thickness Gage Features “Fast” Mode
Coatings Additive Enables Insulation of Bare Metal
Electric Heat Exchangers Provide Rapid Heat Transfer
Electropolishing Systems Offer Precision, Repeatability
EOS Paint Pumps Designed for Simple Maintenance
Instrument Measures Mottling of Effect Coatings
PFOS-Free Processes for Decorative and Hard Chrome Applications
Software Release Includes Web-Based Platform
Teflon Dot Increases Finish Quality, Decreases Masking Times
Wood Finishes Added to Industrial Coating Line

Product Spotlight

Double Barrier Box Liners
Environmentally Friendly Paint and Powder Stripper
Fluid Handling Equipment
Foam Reduction
Heavy Duty Centrifugal Dryers
High Flow Performance Pump
PTC Electric Immersion Heaters
Rugged Insertion Flow Sensor
Rust-Proof Surface Treatment
Safer, Heavy-Duty Cleaning
Waste Treatment Equipment, Contract Testing Services
Water-Saving Rinse System

Feature Articles

2020 Vision: The Future of Coatings
Alternative Bath Control Practice
PEO coatings sparking new interest
Solving Adhesion Issues from Laser Cuts
Sur/Fin 2011

News Briefs

BASF Hosts Conference for Single-Line Distributors
BASF Launches Sites for Car Enthusiasts
Coating Supplier Earns ISO 9001:2008 Certification
Coatings Company Adds Research Lab in UK
Coatings Company Reaches 10 Million-Gallon Mark
Dörken Hosts Licensee Conference
Dymax Expands European Operation
Dymax Names Medical Market Segment Manager
Dymax President Honored by SBA
Graco Acquires ITW for $650 M Cash
Graco CEO says ITW companies will stand alone
Metal Finishing Facility Earns Nadcap Accreditation
Mighty Hook Acquires Conveyor Operation
PPG Aerospace Chromate-Free Primer First to be Qualified by Boeing
Price Increase for Coating Resins
Prismatic Powders Releases Video Series
Selective Plating Technology Used to Repair Complex Molds
Surface Finishing Facility Opens in South Carolina
UV Powder Coating Firm Launches New Website
Website Offers Videos
Zinc Plating Company Wins Wellness@Work Honor

Ask an Expert

Alcohol Wipe Cleaning
Black Stains After Curing
Brighteners and Solder Failure
Brown Spots in Clear-coat
Cleaning and Rust Inhibition
Cleanliness Verification of Oil Pump Housing
Dielectric Strength
Flash Rusting
Is It Real Gold? What is Carat Gold?
Metals Recovery from Wastewater Treatment Sludge
Paint Adhesion
Painting Aluminum Tubes
Painting Firearms Components
Parylene as a Coating method
Spray Booth and Oven Information
Square Transfer vs. Automatic Hoist Lines
Test for Coverage in Faraday Areas
The Peeling Gold Problem
Water Spots in Powder-Coated Film
Zinc Plating and Crystal Growth Revisited


MECHANICAL FINISH: ALMCO offers a unique full-circle baffle
MECHANICAL FINISH: Guyson Corp.'s robot-loaded indexing blast system
MECHANICAL FINISH: Rosler’s new mini-drag eliminates impingement
MECHANICAL FINISH: Sinto Surface Treatment expands line of dry finishing systems
MECHANICAL FINISHING: Rosler’s plunge finisher has superior finish for challenging components
MECHANICAL FINISHING: SWECO Vibro-Energy Finishing Mills

Tech Notes

Plating on Plastic Using Gas


EPA Sets New Timeline on Oven Regulations
Finishers can use free software to show that reshoring is about even to overseas
New software helps designers pick "eco-friendly' finishes
Powder Coater Testifies Before U.S. Congress
Yes, We Have a PF App for That!

Never Finished

In Defense of Private Equity

End of the Line

A Conversation With ... Jim Andrews, Pneu-Mech Systems

Finishing Touch

Of Mice and Culligan Men

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