Black Nylon Powder Coating

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Posted on: 10/1/2001

Question: We have a custom coating shop where we apply paint as well as powder coatings.


We have a custom coating shop where we apply paint as well as powder coatings. We are in the process of considering bidding on a job that calls for a black nylon powder coating. We have never used this material and are not familiar with it, but believe we can apply it. Could you tell me more about this type of paint and the usual applications where it is used? Also, where can it be purchased? R.B.


Nylon is one of the film-forming polyamide resins used in surface coatings. Nylon powder coatings can be applied by fluidized bed, electrostatic spray or flame spray. They are characterized as tough, wear resistant and have a slightly lower coefficient of friction than most organic coatings. Nylon coatings generally require a primer. One of their uses is high quality furniture finish, especially on office furniture where the coating provides a high degree of toughness and durability.

Suppliers of nylon powder coating materials can be found under Powder Coating Materials on the "Suppliers" page at or on pages 547 and 549 of the 2001 Products Finishing Directory and Technology Guide.


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