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Posted on: 9/22/2011

What is black-zinc plating?

Q. What is black-zinc plating? G.H.

A. I answered a similar question regarding black zinc plating way back in the “dark ages” of this column. Here in an edited version is what wrote at that time:

“I am not aware of any black-zinc-plating process. What you are probably looking for is a zinc deposit followed by a black chemical conversion coating. You can find some good basic information on the chemical conversion process by searching You did not specify why you need a black-zinc coating, so I should point out to you that other types of black coatings are available. Black-nickel and chromium-plating processes are available. In addition, black finishes can be applied on ferrous materials using black-oxide formulations at elevated temperatures. There are newer blackening processes that can be used at room temperature.” Another site containing information is

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