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Posted on: 6/1/2002

Question: Where can we find information about newer cleaning methods?


Where can we find information about newer cleaning methods? It seems as if there is a lot of information available, but it is not in one convenient location. C.F.


You are correct. There is a lot of information on the proper cleaning of materials prior to the plating process. You can start by looking at the 2002 PRODUCTS FINISHING DIRECTORY AND TECHNOLOGY GUIDE, 800-950-8020, The directory contains a nice section on pretreatment and cleaning. A series of papers discussing various aspects of cleaning written by J.B. Durkee has appeared in PRODUCTS FINISHING.

A book, Practical Guide to Industrial Metal Cleaning, by D.S. Peterson, 1997 is available from Hanser Gardner Publications, 800-950-8977, A brand new book, Handbook of Critical Cleaning, by B. Kanegsberg and E. Kanegsberg is available from Metal Finishing Publications. This publication is very thorough and complete.


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