Cleaning Used Hooks & Racks—Dec. ’01

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Mr. Peterson, regarding the above article, the writer indicates that there is a new type of cover or cap that is made from a conductive silicon that can be fitted over the existing hook. After painting, it can be removed and replaced with another one. I would appreciate if you could let me know which company manufactures this product. N.M.


I actually did find that article, but it did not mention caps or masking devices. It was simply a question regarding applicable methods to strip powder coatings from racks and hooks following several trips around the conveyor.

I would suggest you visit the Products Finishing Web site at and go to the Paint Equipment portion of the site. There you will find “Masking Devices, Spray Painting” where it lists all of the major suppliers of masking supplies. Alternately, you could look under several topics listed for Racks and their associated suppliers. In many cases, you will find the same supplier in both categories.


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