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Posted on: 2/1/2005

Question: What are the basics for dummying a nickel plating bath?


What are the basics for dummying a nickel plating bath? S. R.


I get many questions about the dummying process and it is clear that many people really do not completely understand what is involved.
There are really just a few basic rules to keep in mind. These rules are as follows:


  1. The dummy area should be as large as possible. Larger plating tanks require larger dummy areas.
  2. The dummying time should be at least six hours.
  3. A current density of 2–5 amperes per sq ft should be used.
  4. Use corrugated material for your dummies. This helps give you both high- and low-current densities on different areas of the dummies.


If you have a large nickel plating tank, you may want to consider doing the dummying on a continuous basis.


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