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Posted on: 11/1/2005

Question: I am looking for a source for suppliers of polymer coatings for ceramic tiles used for dye sublimation.


I am looking for a source for suppliers of polymer coatings for ceramic tiles used for dye sublimation. We’re located outside the continental United States and buying pre-coated stock is not economically viable. While we don’t have expertise in coating, we do have contacts here that do. However, we’d need to know the actual material and who the main players are. M. W.


Since it is the policy of Painting Clinic, to not name specific brands and, suppliers I can’t comply with your request. But I can help you locate suppliers.

What you need is a two-component polyester coating. They have been commercially available for many years. You can find polyester casting and coating resins at craft stores in quart and gallon packages. For larger amounts they are available from some of the paint manufacturers and in some cases at their factory stores. They may also be available at automotive supply stores. You will want to use the two-component polyester coatings because they are self curing. They do not have to be baked and you will not need an oven or other curing equipment.

Polyester coatings can be applied using conventional and two-component spraying equipment. Using conventional equipment, you must remember the coating has a short pot life. Make sure it does not set-up in the spray gun. On the other hand, two-component spraying equipment keeps the components separate until they are mixed at the spray gun head. You can handle much faster-curing formulations using two-component equipment.

Suppliers of two-component polyester coatings to be used for dye sublimation are listed under coatings, plural component, in the suppliers directory.


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