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Posted on: 12/1/2002

Question: Where can I learn more about the process of electropolishing?


Where can I learn more about the process of electropolishing? Our company is thinking of adding this process to its production capabilities. B.M.



Electropolishing is a process used to remove material from a surface. In a sense it is the opposite of electroplating. The process is used to smooth surfaces by removing burrs, small scratches and imperfections. Acid mixtures are usually used as the electrolyte with the part to be electropolished made anodic. Stainless steels are the most common material electropolished, but other metals can be electropolished.

A source of information is the Products Finishing website, www.pfonline.com. This site has a number of papers and articles that discuss the electropolishing process. If you are looking for applications, the site sponsored by Able Electropolishing Company, www.ableelectropolishing.com offers many case histories.

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