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Posted on: 3/1/2002

Question: I have been told that iron plating can be used to rebuild parts.


I have been told that iron plating can be used to rebuild parts. Is this true? What types of baths are available for this type of plating? F.O.


 Yes, it is true! In fact, it is an excellent bath for this task, particularly when you must have large buildups (50–100 thousandths of an inch). There are a number of different baths available: ferrous chloride; ferrous fluorborate; ferrous sulfamate; and ferrous sulfate are common examples. Of these baths the most common is the ferrous chloride bath. The makeup and operation of this bath is as follows:

  • Ferrous chloride dihydrate: 40–60 oz/gal
  • Calcium chloride: 20–35 oz/gal
  • Operating temperature: 185–200F
  • pH range: 0.5–1.5
  • Current density (no agitation): 20–80 asf
  • Current density (agitation)*: Up to 200 asf
  • Anodes: High quality iron


*Air agitation should not be used. Air will oxidize the ferrous ions to ferric ions, which will cause rough deposits.

There is more to the proper operation of this bath. Before you consider the use of it you should read up on iron plating.


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