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Posted on: 10/2/2013

How do I provide masks and fixtures for the many different shapes and sizes of parts we produce?

Q. As a process engineer for my company, I am currently working on a project in which I will be introducing and adding a new painting procedure to our current painting facility. The biggest problem that I have come across is how to provide masks and fixtures for the many different shapes and sizes of parts we produce. 

Are there common practices used that I should become aware of? Do you know of any vendors or suppliers that could be of value to me? I couldn’t find what I wanted on the Internet. —T.T.

A. There are people who make a living designing, producing and selling masking devices for all types for painting operations. The best place to start to find suppliers of such masking devices is the Products Finishing website. Go to and click on Suppliers, then Painting, then Masking Devices, spray painting.

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