Metallic Finish on Wrought Iron

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Posted on: 12/1/2000

Question: I am from India and have just begun a small workshop to make and design wrought iron accessories.


I am from India and have just begun a small workshop to make and design wrought iron accessories. So far, I have only been painting enamel paints on the metal. So, now I need help from you regarding a particular finish. The finish is dark gray with a metallic luster.

I am attaching photos of the pieces that have the particular finish I am seeking. What I actually need is the recipe or method to achieve this finish. Since I live in India and will be unable to see you there, I am forced to seek your kind help in this manner. Your help would be a great favor. Thanks. A.P.


The photos of your parts were difficult to make. So, I’ll do the best I can. Many years ago the finish on the products you photographed would have been produced using a mixture of graphite and aluminum paste mixed in a drying oil. They were applied by brushing or by a skilled painter using a special spraying technique. Today, these novelty finishes can be achieved using dark gray metallic paints. I can’t tell you if you should use an enamel or a lacquer. The difference in drying times will have a definite effect on appearance of the final finish. My guess is that you would want a “wet” application allowing the metallic pigments to “float.” I suggest you go to a store selling automotive refinish materials, look at their color charts and find something close in color. Then run some trials using different spraying techniques to get the appearance you want.

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