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Posted on: 2/1/2004

Question: With regard to lettering on a painted surface, in reply to W.


With regard to lettering on a painted surface, in reply to W. H. in the November 2003 issue of the Painting Clinic of Products Finishing (, I remember a customer wanting to fill in stamped in letters on the handle of a corporate seal embossing tool. If I remember correctly I suggested he use a red lacquer stick and then wipe off the excess. I am not familiar with a draftsman’s lettering tool, but if it does engrave, then this may be a possible solution to the problem. S.B.


The last time I saw a draftsman’s lettering tool, I was in the Drafting Room at the Westinghouse Research Laboratories (when I had a real job). As I recall it was a pantograph-like device with a manually operated stylus, that followed letters that were engraved in blocks at one end and a pencil or drawing pen at the other. After the draftsman adjusts the lettering size, he follows the letters with the stylus and the pencil or pen transcribes the letters onto the drawing. W. H. had the right idea in trying to attach a stiff brush or paint pen to a draftsman’s lettering tool for applying lettering to his product. However, the drawn letters probably would not have the crispness required for the proper effect.

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