Need Information on Coil Coating Line

Do you have any idea as to whom I can contact for information on this machine?

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Q: Recently our company has purchased a used roller coating paint line for coating aluminum and steel coil. This aspect of our business will be totally new to all of us in the company. At this present time, we have installed the line and are presently working on upgrading the equipment, panel boxes oven controls, gas valves, etc. I have read many articles that you have written—good stuff! I have to start somewhere. Anyway, the line that we have purchased, as we well knew, is outdated. But, we feel it will be sufficient for our needs. The roller coater was manufactured by (name withheld). The problem is, I have researched a lot and cannot find instruction manuals or company information, as they are no longer in business. Do you have any idea as to whom I can contact for information on this machine? Thanks so much. T. C.


A: Back in the old days, when I had a real job, I had several coil coating projects. I found the players to be very helpful. However, I was a customer; you are a competitor. This may or may not be a problem because they were all good folks. I also received a lot of help from their industry-related association, The National Coil Coating Association. I suggest you contact them for information. They can be reached at:

National Coil Coating Association
401 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 2200
Chicago, IL 60611-4267
Fax: 312-527-6705

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