Can you recommend a cyanide free brass plating bath replacement?

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 Q. Our shop currently uses a cyanide-based brass plating bath. We would like to replace it with a non-cyanide-based plating bath. Can you recommend a cyanide free replacement? A.C.


A. As far as I know there is no commercial alkaline non-cyanide brass plating bath available. However, I am aware of one report in the plating literature of a non-cyanide brass plating bath.
I do not have any additional information about this plating bath, but you might try experimenting with the formulation that follows. If you try it please let me know how (or if) it works.


Copper sulfate5–10 g/L
Zinc oxide0.3–1 g/L
Sodium hydroxide60–100 g/L
Glycolic acid5–20 ml/L
Operating Conditions
Current density10–12 ASF
AdditivesGelatin at a concentration of 
0.5 g/L recommended for a
smoother deposit.

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