Paint Booth Plus Oven Exhaust

Question: We are undertaking a plant modernization project.


We are undertaking a plant modernization project. We are attempting to convert two paint booths into one paint line. As such we need to use a common floor exhaust pit for a spray area and a 220F curing area. The exhaust pit connects to a 42 inche radial fan. We feel we can regulate airflow using restrictive openings in the downdraft system. Is there a problem routing exhaust from both a spray area and a curing area to the same stack? L. V.


For some unknown reason, it doesn’t sound like a good idea. Since I am neither an airflow nor HVAC expert it is difficult for me to say whether there will be a problem or not. There may not be a technical problem, but there may be a regulatory or insurance problem. What seems like a simple project could turn into a nightmare for you and your company.

I don’t like to give advice, but if I were you, I would thoroughly check it out before you do anything. Check your fire insurance underwriters and get their blessing on your project. You must also check the OSHA regulations for the effects of such a change on worker safety. Finally, and not necessarily in that order, you must check the air quality people for compliance with their regulations.


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