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Posted on: 4/1/2003

Question: We are an injection molder who has recently taken on a project that requires painting.


We are an injection molder who has recently taken on a project that requires painting. We will be painting small parts for identification purposes. The painted area is very small, which means the volume of paint used will not justify a major supplier to help with the application. We need help with the whole process. Who can we contact for information about paint automation and painting processes? R.P.


You are correct. It will be tough to get a paint supplier’s attention when your projected volume is low. Fortunately, your question will be best answered by equipment suppliers, not paint suppliers. You have three major issues to resolve—surface pretreatment, paint compatibility with the substrate, and paint application method. If there is any mold release on your products, it must be removed before painting. Since corrosion won’t be a problem, you have a broader choice of coating materials and your only concern is compatibility. Choosing the paint application equipment will depend on the size of your products and the size of the painted area.

I suggest you meet with painting equipment suppliers to review your plant layout, discuss your painting requirements and recommend painting methods. Their advantage is that they have supplied equipment for all kinds of products. Suppliers of painting equipment are listed on pages 404-410 of the 2003 Products Finishing Directory And Technology Guide.


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