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Posted on: 2/25/2013

In response to a question in the September 2012 column regarding the disposal of waste from paint stripping, one reader recommends purchase of a stripping oven, used to strip products and paint racks.

Q. I had been in industrial coatings sales for 30 years. I read the question posed by T.T. in your September 2012 column titled “Waste Treatment for Paint Stripping” regarding the disposal of waste from paint stripping. I recommend that T.T. consider purchasing a stripping oven, used to strip products and paint racks. This would basically leave him/her with a carbon/inorganic powder residue. Of course, the basic question is whether the parts will distort because of the high heat; if not, I believe this method would eliminate the disposal problem. S.B.

A. It is always great for readers to share their experiences. I, too, am familiar with stripping (a.k.a. burn-off) ovens. I have found that the vast majority of residue falls off of the part in the oven and can be easily removed with a vacuum equipped with an industrial HEPA filter.  

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