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Posted on: 10/1/2001

Why is it so important to attend conferences, especially when the media sends out reports such as the following? "U.S.

Why is it so important to attend conferences, especially when the media sends out reports such as the following? "U.S. Jobless Rate Hits Four-Year High"-A sharp drop in factory jobs caused U.S. non-farm payrolls to plunge 113,000 in August as the jobless rate jumped to a four-year high of 4.9%, the Labor Department reported. Analysts surveyed by BridgeNews had projected an 18,000 decrease in payrolls and an unemployment rate of 4.6%.

Or still another report from The Conference Board, which looks promising at first, "Conference Board Sees Growth Next Year," until you read the rest of the article. "What is disturbing is the fact that the reacceleration in economic growth will do little to fundamentally improve the corporate cost or profitability picture. This leaves the U.S. in a condition of 'local vulnerability'-in this case to higher inflation and more business restructuring. The true recession, therefore, is ahead." Gee, great.

However, this is why attending conferences is so important. Here you gain not only the advantages of networking, but you can stay abreast of what's going on in your industry. Two good conferences are coming up that would fulfill just this purpose: Coating 2001 and Finishing Tech 2001.

According to a survey conducted by executive career-management web site, executives rely most often on associates when hiring.

According to the web site's founder, Dave Opton, "Executives turn to their networks first because personal recommendation and referral is the most trusted source of talent. Networking requires time and energy, but it's without a doubt the most effective career-management tool available."

As reported in Industry Week, the survey also found:

  • 56% of executives review fewer than 25 resumes for each opening, while 28% review 25 to 50; and 16% review more than 50.
  • 86% do not trust resume content to be truthful.
  • 69% of companies interview between four and six candidates.
    So, you may want to think about attending that next conference.

For more information on Coating 2001, go to

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