Powder Coating Q&A: Post Forming of Powder Coated Parts

What powders can endure large amounts of stress?

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Q. Is there any product/process to powder coat steel and roll form the steel without damaging the coating? I am working with a process where we want to form the top lips of a painted bucket around a lid. The bucket is similar to a regular garden water bucket in size and shape. The coating will need to take a force of 20 kN (kilonewton) during the forming process. Are there powders that can take that kind of stress?

A. There are powders designed for post-forming. The only way to know if they will take the stress of your process is to try a sample. One challenge is the film thickness; if the film is too thick you will have a lot of trouble and you may not be able to control the film tightly enough. If the sample powder does not work, consider electrocoat. E-coat can be post-formed and the film can be controlled below 1 mil.

Originally published in the November 2015 issue.

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