Powder Coating Q&A: Treatment for Stainless Steel

How do I pretreat stainless steel?

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Q. I have a requirement for powder coating stainless steel grade 202 material and I want to know the process, especially the pretreatment process to prepare the surface for powder coating.

A. Stainless steel is chemically inert, so there is no perfect chemical treatment for adhesion of a powder coating. I suggest you media blast the surface to roughen it for a good mechanical bond. The media blast creates more surface and rough pattern that can be very effective. Application and curing are the same as any other metal substrate. Make sure the surface is free of dust, dirt and oil and be sure the part is connected to earth ground. Apply the appropriate layer of powder and cure according to the cycle recommended by the supplier of the powder. 

Originally published in the September 2015 issue.

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