Quick, Effortless Color Changes-Part II

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Posted on: 6/1/2001

Slow and laborious color changes on Cybex's powder coating line took the company away from its just-in-time manufacturing philosophy. But a new powder coating booth that makes color changes quick and effortless has restored Cybex's manufacturing philosophy...


Cleaning the Booth

Cleaning the Booth: Once the air purge has finished cleaning out the hoses and spray guns, the operator uses an air wand to blow out the inside of the booth. This is easily done because the booth is constructed of PVC, which means virtually no powder sticks to the booth walls. During this step, the cyclone and filters are cleaned out as well.

Operating Red

Operating Red: Here we see the system is powder coating parts red, depicted by the red arrows. The blue arrows identify the airflow within the powder coating system.

Purging the System

Purging the System: The operator initiates the color change process by using a touch screen controller. The feed tubes are automatically lifter out of the powder box, and the powder box is moved to the side. The feed tubes are then lowered so that they can be air purged. This air purge completely cleans the feed tubes, air hoses and spray guns. The air purge saves a significant amount of time because it is no longer necessary for the operator to connect a clean set of hoses or clean and reconnect the old hoses.

Operating Green

Operating Green: After the booth and cyclone have been cleaned, the operator places a new powder box with the new color in the powder kitchen. The feed tubes are then automatically lowered to begin spraying the new color - green. The whole process takes about 15 min.

The powder coating system used by Cybex is capable of very quick powder coating color changes. (For more on Cybex and the system's installation, read the article Quick Effortless Color Changes). The four stills below will give you a visual picture of how the system changes colors.

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