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Posted on: 2/1/2005

Question: I have a customer who is looking at a new business of refinishing recovered (salvaged) golf balls.


I have a customer who is looking at a new business of refinishing recovered (salvaged) golf balls. He has asked me to find a painting system to re-paint them. He believes he will need to process 10,000 balls per day. What companies manufacture automated paint systems to meet this requirement? P. S.


That’s an easy one, P. S. I recall touring a golf ball manufacturing plant in the Midwest, several years ago. There were golf balls zipping by in every direction. The balls were spray painted. They must have made a million per day (slight exaggeration). My first thought was, who uses all these balls. And then I remembered that fateful day in 1955, on the Wright Patterson AFB Officer’s Club course, where I lost so many balls I couldn’t finish nine holes. The Pro Shop was closed that day. The course, part of which ran alongside the runway, was table-flat. To add hazards, they dug trenches across the fairway. The leftover dirt was piled up across the fairway like a big fat nut roll. The rough was grass cut six inches high. I never did find the lost balls.
Enough recollection already! Suppliers of painting equipment that meet the requirements are listed in the 2005 Products Finishing Directory & Technology Guide ( By the way, if your customer runs across any salvaged balls with large smiles on them, they were mine.


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