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Posted on: 4/1/2004

Question: We are in the process of upgrading our rinsing capabilities.


We are in the process of upgrading our rinsing capabilities. Where can I get information on rinsing methodology? B.T.


There are a number of sources of information available. You can start with the chapter on The Art & Science of Water Rinsing by Ted Mooney in the Metal Finishing Guidebook and Directory, Metal Finishing Publications. This is a good overview of the rinsing process. A book, Water and Waste Control for the Plating Shop, 3rd Edition, by J. B. Kushner and A. S. Kushner, Kushner Electroplating School, www.platingschool.com, is an excellent source of information on all aspects of water management in the plating shop. In addition, there are two excellent web sites that you should investigate, The National Metal Finishing Resource Center, www.nmfrc.org and Surface Finishing Abstracts, www.surfacequery.com. Both sites have information available without a fee, as well as more detailed information for a fee.


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