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Posted on: 10/1/2005

Question: I am a Manufacturing Engineer in our paint facility.


I am a Manufacturing Engineer in our paint facility. Recently our plant manager asked about the scrap rate of our liquid paint line. We currently apply medium solids polyester on aluminum with a turbo-disc. Is there any information out there about the scrap rates of the industry? This will give us a benchmark to start out with. R. J.


In this age of Total Quality, any scrap rate greater than zero is too high. I am not aware of any published information on paint line scrap rates, perhaps, because it is embarrassing like dandruff and BO. Furthermore, any paint line operator, who is worth his salt, will have a low scrap rate. On the other hand, while doctors bury their mistakes, paint line operators refinish theirs. This ability to refinish may account for no scrap rates being published.

That being said, if any reader knows about published scrap rates please let me know.

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