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Posted on: 11/1/2001

Question: We are dealers in water pumps, and we make pump banks on steel frames or base plates.


We are dealers in water pumps, and we make pump banks on steel frames or base plates. We would like to design and install a simple and economical paint booth for the purpose of finishing these assemblies. Do you have any design ideas for building a simple yet efficient paint spray booth for this purpose?


As you know, spray booths are simply sheet metal enclosures having a blower to move the intake air through the paint capturing devices and the clean exhaust air into the atmosphere (equipment suppliers hate when I say that). One purpose of a paint spray booth is to capture overspray. By doing this, it also prevents the paint overspray from being exhausted in to the atmosphere and keeps it from blowing back onto the painter (painters hate when that happens). Actually, a spray booth is more complicated than that. You need the right kind of capturing system, the specific amount of airflow, proper lighting and a host of other parameters to meet environmental as well as health and safety regulations.

You could probably make a simple spray booth yourself, but don't tell them I said so. It may not be very efficient. I don't like to give advice, but if I were you, I would look for suppliers of spray booths at on the "Suppliers" page or in the 2001 Products Finishing Directory and Technology Guide on pages 577-578.


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