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Posted on: 11/1/2001

Question: I have an enquiry at present for reconditioning mobile phones.


I have an enquiry at present for reconditioning mobile phones. To come up with a solution to this problem, I need information for the paint stripping of these phones so they can be repainted. Can you help? P.A.


Of the three basic stripping methods, chemical, pyrolytic and mechanical, removing paints from plastics prior to repainting is best done mechanically. Of the widely practiced mechanical methods, abrading, scraping, chipping and abrasive blast stripping, the latter is the best.

The abrasive blast stripping method uses compressed air, low-pressure water or centrifugal force to propel various types of media onto the painted surface. The impingement of this media removes the paint. The correct choice of media and the amount of energy imparted to it must be established so that no damage is done to the substrate. Examples of media used for stripping paints from plastics include the following: plastics, wheat starch, corncobs, glass beads, nutshells, fruit seeds and a host of other products.

Other abrasive blast stripping methods include, high-pressure water blast, dry ice blast and ice crystal blast. Although these methods do require more expensive and complicated machinery, the benefits of their use may justify their added cost.

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