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Posted on: 4/1/2002

Question: We often receive inquiries related to the Teflon coating operation.


We often receive inquiries related to the Teflon coating operation. One such inquiry is currently on our message board. Kindly inform us in detail, the process of the coating of food-grade Teflon on biscuit manufacturing rollers. Is it possible to coat the Teflon powder by regular powder coating guns? What is the cure temperature? V.S.


Teflon is a registered trade name of a PTFE coating from Dupont. Teflon is only available from them, although PTFE coatings are available from other suppliers as well. You have to become a registered Teflon applicator as approved by Dupont if you use its material. However, if you are interested in generic PTFE coatings, look in the 2002 PRODUCTS FINISHING DIRECTORY AND TECHNOLOGY GUIDE or on the Suppliers page at www.pfonline.com for a complete list of suppliers.

Pure PTFE coatings can be obtained in food-grade quality and are applied using normal powder coating guns and can be cured in normal powder cure ovens. However, the Teflon coating that we are all familiar with that is used on non-stick cookware is mixed with other materials to become more heat resistant. This process is not normally done using powder coating equipment. Contact Dupont to get more information on this cookware grade material if that is what your customer wants.


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