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Posted on: 4/1/1999

Quotations: Create quotations that are automatically checked in order entry and invoicing.

Quotations: Create quotations that are automatically checked in order entry and invoicing. Fax quotation directly from PC to prospect.

Order Entry: Designed for quick entry of orders. Automatic order creations for repeat parts. Includes digital pictures on the orders. More than 15 order forms to choose from.

Shop Floor Tracking: Three bar code systems to choose from. Works with bar code readers, LCD tracking stations, touch screens or shop floor PCs. Know where every order is, enter inspection results, collect data on the shop floor, insure that jobs are run in the proper sequence, produce productivity reports.

Scheduling: Batch or continuous scheduling. Two scheduling systems to choose from. Quick schedule or full schedule.

Shipping: Generates shipping tickets. COD safeguards. More than 20 forms to choose from.

Certifications: Generate certifications. Setup custom formats based on customer, part or process.

Invoicing: Automatic creation of invoices based on memorized pricing or quotes. Includes dimensional pricing, precious metal pricing, bracket pricing, process pricing and much more. More than 20 invoice forms to choose from.

Expediting: Point-and-click of open and shipped orders. Locate jobs on the shop floor. Includes a complete internal e-mail system and the customer communication manager to track customer activity through the system.

Visual Lab: A complete lab analysis package is included.

Security: Complete operator and database security system.

Dataloger: System records all operator activity and produces reports by customer, order, shift, etc.

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