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Posted on: 12/1/2001

Question: I am working on an issue with a company regarding a pre-paint cleaning operation.


I am working on an issue with a company regarding a pre-paint cleaning operation. We have certain areas of the axle assembly, which have complex surfaces, that allow cleaning solution to contaminate internally. We currently use a foam formed bonnet to deflect the spray, but we have found that this is not very efficient. Another possible solution is to use a shower cap bonnet on the wheel end. This works fine but covers too much surface area and is not very robust (life). We would like to improve on our foam deflector design with magnets or some other sort of watertight sealing device but do not know where to turn. Ideas? S.K.


It's hard to recommend without actually seeing this operation. I think you are on the right track with the shower cap idea, but it may need to be expounded on some more. I would suggest a thicker, more chemical/heat resistant plastic that is taped in place using good tape that is meant for masking (electroplater's tape). Although I do not know where to get them, I have seen magnets in the form of a thin (approximately 1/8 inch), flexible roll. That may also be useful, although they would probably cost quite a bit more than the tape, and I do not know what their lifespan would be through a pretreatment system.

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