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Posted on: 7/1/2005

Question: As a paint professional, I find the Paint Clinic full of useful information.


As a paint professional, I find the Paint Clinic full of useful information. I have a question about weldable primers. Is there a specification covering these materials? What type of paint composition or formulation makes it weldable? M. A.


I am sure there are specifications covering weldable primers. When I had a real job, I had that information at my fingertips. Unfortunately, when I left, that kind of information remained on book shelves and in filing cabinets at my former office. Therefore, I must give you my answer off-the top-of-my-head. Fortunately, some of the hair is gone from there, leaving more room for technical information.

I really don’t remember the formulations for weldable primers. However, I do know they are formulated using pigments and binders that will burn-off, leaving little or no residue and not fouling the joint being welded. Fouled weldments could be a source of failure in a structure. Weldable primers are available from coatings suppliers listed in the suppliers database of pfonline. You may have to do some digging because they are probably not in the top ten of everyone’s product line.

On the other hand, if you want to formulate a weldable primer, ask the resin suppliers for a starting formulation. That was my approach, when I had a real job.


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