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New England NASF Chapter Hosts Suppliers Night

18. May 2016


More than 30 years ago, the New England Chapter of the National Association of Metal Finishers (NAMF) conceived a plan to recognize the efforts and support of the Metal Finisher Supplier community by setting aside a special evening in their monthly meeting schedule as Supplier Appreciation Night.


At that time NAMF membership was strictly limited to Metal Finishing job shop owners and managers. Suppliers were not allowed membership, so this was indeed an extraordinary event.


Many things have changed over the years. As the metal finishing community became smaller the need for strength in numbers became more apparent and Suppliers are now a significant part of the membership makeup of the New England Chapter, presently operating under the umbrella of the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF).


While many things changed, the founding principle of this event has remained constant throughout the years, the desire to recognize the support of the Metal Finishers Suppliers to the success of the operation of Metal Finishing Job and Captive shops. To this end what started as a social dinner event with a neutral/ non-technical speaker, and then evolved with the addition of a mini trade show, has remained a main stay premier event on the New England Chapter calendar.


This year’s Supplier Appreciation Night was held on April 21 at the Holiday Inn in Marlborough, Massachusetts. It encompassed all of the founding principles of the original Suppliers Nights with speakers, twenty plus supplier table top exhibits, door prizes, scholarship raffle prizes and the presentation of seven scholarships to college age children of employees of member companies presented by Chapter President Robert Messore. The attendants were also given an update by our National Board Member, Chris Capalbo, on the benefits of the local board’s decision to sign the NASF Chapter Affiliates Agreement, a presentation of the new Chapter Logo and a look at the future New England Chapter web site being developed by NASF staff.


All 100 plus attendees commented on the well orchestrated evening this event has been over the years and are already looking forward to next year’s Supplier Appreciation Night.

General Magnaplate Closes California Plant After 36 Years

16. May 2016
Candida Aversenti, CEO of General Magnaplate

Candida Aversenti, CEO of General Magnaplate


General Magnaplate is closing its Ventura, California, facility after 36 years and will serve customers from its Texas and New Jersey operations.


Candida Aversenti, CEO of General Magnaplate and daughter of founder Charles Covino, said there are two reasons for the facility closure: difficult business conditions created by the state of California, and the settlement of a potential lawsuit threatened by the Santa Barbara-based Environmental Defense Center (EDC), which claimed that General Magnaplate had violated the Clean Water Act, which the company denies.


“The simple fact is that the state of California does not provide a business friendly environment,” Aversenti said. “Increases in workers compensation costs and government regulations — combined with predatory citizens groups and law firms that make their living entirely by preying on small businesses — have left us with no other choice but to shut down our California facility. This is in stark contrast to our New Jersey and Texas facilities, which are flourishing in small business-friendly environments created by the respective local governments and environmental agencies.”


The EDC claimed that General Magnaplate was discharging polluted storm water into the Santa Clara River, which General Magnaplate President Edmund Aversenti flatly denied.


“General Magnaplate is not in violation of the Clean Water Act and ongoing investigations suggest that the alleged polluted storm water runoff from our facility actually came on to our property from neighboring properties exempt from CWA compliance,” he said. “We have agreed to settle with the EDC for purely economic reasons. This is particularly upsetting given that we have a strong Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan in place at the California facility, and have contracted consultants to insure that we are in compliance.”

Lincoln Industries Hosting 'Inspired 2016'

14. May 2016


Lincoln Industries is hosting “Inspired 2016” on May 25 and 26, an opportunity to meet experts from across the country, explore best practices, discuss industry trends, increase technical knowledge, tour their facilities and learn the latest in coating and electroplating technologies.


The technical conference will provide attendees with the knowledge to increase performance and growth in their business. Sessions include:


Understanding Plating & Design: Learn basic principles of metal finishing and electroplating. Understand how design features can impact the finishing process.


Functional Coatings and Finishes: An overview of how to select the right functional coatings and finishes including: ceramics, cermets, anodizing, zinc, zinc nickel, FEP, hard chrome, electroless nickel and more.


Introduction to Tube Fabrication: The fundamentals, material selection and design considerations for small and large tube fabrication and finishing.


Cosmetic Coatings and Finishes: An overview of cosmetic coatings and finishes and how to select the right ones, including: ceramics, nickel chrome, satin chrome, black chrome, powder coatings, anodizing, hex-free and more.


Heat Management Technologies: Understand the basics behind heat management trends and technologies. Then learn about unique solutions for different types of heat challenges.


From Innovation to Production: Learn how Lincoln Industries has created formalized teams and processes to successfully move projects from concept to production.


Nano Technologies: The basics of nano technologies and the benefits of these technologies based on current research.


Using Wellness to Fuel Performance: Being ahead of the curve regarding health and wellness is key to creating a strong culture and high performing workplace. Learn key initiatives and programs that elevate engagement and help shape a strong culture of health.


To register online, visit or visit

Update: IDL Precision Talks Purchasing Plating Shop

By: Dean Handaly 13. May 2016


Editor's note: Three years ago, Dean Handaly and his best friend from high school, Robert Peha, decided they were brave enough to dive into the world of business ownership when they purchased IDL Precision Machining in Mukilteo, Washington, just north of Seattle. But as their business grew, Handaly and Peha realized some frustration with outsourcing functions such as surface finishing, which almost all of their existing customers needed and which IDL wanted to control as much as possible. Production Plating heard of IDL’s plans and made an offer to Handaly and Peha: Buy our existing plating and anodize facility and convert it to Nadcap certification. Handaly has agreed to document the purchase of the plating shop for Products Finishing readers.



Purchasing a business can be a complicated transaction. Many folks are familiar with purchasing a home, and some of the unanticipated hurdles (extra paperwork, finance documentation needs, etc.) that come with that transaction.


We have encountered several of these small hurdles along the way.  All the hurdles are resolvable, but can be time consuming and extremely frustrating. We had to slide our close date to accommodate some of the items.  Our current target "Day 1" for the new PPI is June 1.


In the interim, we have used this time to focus on working the details of our transition plan including: customer notifications, meeting with outside vendors to review/plan for MRP and QMS systems that support Nadcap certification, reviewing current chemicals used in the production process and making final evaluations/selection for future requirements as we move from a plating house supporting principally commercial work to the rigorous requirements of supporting aerospace, future staffing plans, etc.


Knowing that any business ownership change brings several layers of change, our goal is to be ready to hit the ground running on Day 1!


Read the original story HERE


Vergason Technology Celebrates 30 Years

12. May 2016


Founded in 1986 by Gary Vergason, Vergason Technology Inc. is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.


Over the past three decades, VTI has emerged as the leading innovator in physical vapor deposition coating services and systems.  With such innovations as Press-Side rapid cycle metallizing, CatArc technology, SuperChrome PVD coating, NexSteel decorative coating and BlackCat tactical coating, VTI has earned the reputation of an industry leader, and continues to lead the way.


“We constantly seek ways to improve what we are doing in order to satisfy the needs of our customers and bring the industry to a new level. We are glad to be renowned as one of the innovators and market leaders in the field of PVD vacuum coating,” Gary Vergason says.  “We are looking forward to see what the next thirty years will bring.”


For information, please visit

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