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Aluminum In Danger Of Being Ruled Out Of Window PCR

3. August 2014

Aluminum is used in many architectural elements in construction.


The Aluminum Anodizers Council has issued a "Call To Action" for its members and others in the aluminum anodizing sector to help thwart an effort by an environmental group that could reduce the use of the materials on extrusions.


The AAC joined with the Aluminum Association to report that a non-profit environmental group called Earthsure is developing on behalf of several window and glazing trade associations a Window Product Category Rule (PCR) that would completely overlook (and therefore penalize) the recyclability properties of certain building materials, including aluminum extrusions. 


From the AAC:


A PCR governs how to get an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which is a life cycle analysis “nutrition label” for products. A PCR is a set of specific rules, requirements and guidelines for developing environmental declarations for one or more product categories. The PCRs define the type of data that should be collected, measured and reported in a life cycle analysis.  They include instructions for gathering data about the consumption of resources, including energy, water and renewable resources, and emission to air, water and soil.  Because data collection methods are standardized, the PCR allows for comparison of different environmental product attributes among products in a defined category.  By disregarding the material’s recyclability properties, not only would the PCR overlook what makes aluminum one of (if not) the most sustainable and recyclable materials, but would encourage the use of materials that are not recyclable at the end-of-life, and would simply end up being disposed into landfills.    


We completely agree with the Aluminum Association that Earthsure has a long and successful history in developing PCRs for various products. However, the proposed rules under this Window PCR would not give credit for recycling and would wrongly assess the estimation of life cycle energy use.


Action: Please visit and send a message to Earthsure and the sponsoring trade associations, requesting that they change course. The message is pre-written and automated to be delivered to the organizations listed. All you have to do is put in your name, email address and company and press the submit button at the bottom of the page.


CCAI Announces 2014 Award Winners

1. August 2014

Sherrill Stoenner, recipient of the 2014 James F. and David J. Wright Lifetime Achievement Award, proudly poses with previous winners. From left to right are Larry Melgary, Bob Warren, Stoenner and Bruce Bryan.


The Chemical Coaters Association International honored members for service and dedication and installed its 2014-2015 Officers and National Board members during their 2014 Annual Meeting held in Indian Wells, CA in June.


A highlight of the Annual Meeting was the Annual Awards Luncheon during which CCAI presented Chapter User and Supplier of the Year awards, a 25-Year Member award and the highest accolade, the James F. and David J. Wright Lifetime Achievement Award.


CCAI’s biggest honor went to Sherrill Stoenner of Stoenner Finishing Consultants and a member of the CCAI Central States Chapter.  Sherrill was honored with the James F. and David J. Wright Lifetime Achievement Award for his years of dedication to CCAI. Sherrill was instrumental in the startup of the Central States Chapter where he served as President, works to secure chapter programming, helps coordinate the chapter golf outing and more.  On the national level, Sherrill served in all officer roles including two years as the CCAI National president.  Sherrill joined CCAI 18 years ago in 1996 and is considered to be one of the leaders who helped CCAI become the industry’s leading educational association.  Stoenner comments, “This award was totally unexpected and is one of the greatest honors I have, or will receive, in my lifetime. I will cherish it forever. This award was only made possible with the help of my good business friends at CCAI who have supported me and the association over the years.  I would like to thank all of them for the help they have provided throughout my career in finishing.”


Another notable tribute went to Bruce Bryan of Mighty Hook.  He was presented with a 25-year member award for his long-time service to CCAI and the Northern Illinois Chapter.


Keeping with tradition, CCAI honored its Chapter User and Supplier of the Year recipients at the Annual Awards luncheon.  Seven Chapter Recognition Award recipients were present to accept their awards.  Each year chapters recognize a User and Supplier member for their year-long service and dedication to their respective Chapter.  CCAI is grateful for their service and dedication.


The 2013-2014 Chapter Award winners are:  Central States Chapter – Frank Laster, A-1 Paint Powder and Sandblast and Michelle Danler, Spray Equipment & Service Center; Iowa/Central Illinois Chapter – Chris Dunsmore, Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc.; Las Vegas Chapter – Tony Sclafani, AR Iron LLC and Sercy Spears, Coral Chemical Co.; Northern Illinois Chapter – Jana Obermiller, John Deere and Ed Hrynyk, Chemtool Inc.; Southern California Chapter - Shivie Dhillon, Sundial Powder Coating and Sercy Spears, Coral Chemical Co.; Twin Cities Chapter – Mark Walsworth, Donaldson Co. and Tony Wolfbauer, Chemetall; West Michigan Chapter -  American Autocoat and Bruce Connell, Environmental Partners, Inc.; and Wisconsin Chapter – Tim Lehn, Metalcraft of Mayville Inc. and Matt Kirchner, American Finishing Resources.


CCAI also announced their National Board of Directors Officers and Board Members for 2014-2015.  CCAI is very fortunate to have the leadership of the following individuals:


President:  Kevin Coursin, KMI Systems – Northern Illinois Chapter


Vice President: Ron Lum, Coral Chemical Co. – Southern California Chapter


Treasurer:  Bill Oney, American Finishing Resources – Wisconsin Chapter


Recent Past President: Sam Woehler, George Koch Sons LLC - Unaffiliated


In addition to the officers, serving on the National Board of Directors for the 2014-2015 programming year will be:  Jim Andrews, Pneu-Mech Systems Mfg., LLC – Atlantic Coast Chapter; Trena Benson, Axalta Powder Coatings - Texas Chapter; Tom Boland, Calvary Industries – Iowa/Central Illinois Chapter; Bruce Bryan, Mighty Hook – Northern Illinois Chapter; Jim Docken, Independent Contractor - Twin Cities Chapter; Duane Fudge, Chemetall - Mid-Atlantic Chapter; Jim Gallagher, Harley Davidson - Wisconsin Chapter; Loren Keene, Wagner Systems, Inc. – Central States Chapter; Todd Luciano, Products Finishing – Greater Cincinnati Chapter; Jim Malloy, Kolene Corp. - Unaffiliated;  Tim Milner, JIT Powder Coating – Twin Cities Chapter;  David Scharphorn, ChemQuest Inc. - West Michigan Chapter;  John Sudges, Midwest Finishing Systems – Northern Illinois Chapter; Serving as Ex-officio Board members are; Larry Melgary, Northern Coatings & Chemicals – Wisconsin Chapter;  and Bob Warren, retired – West Michigan Chapter.


CCAI is a non-profit technical and professional association that provides information and education on surface coating technologies worldwide.  Visit CCAI on the web at


Several CCAI Chapter Recognition Award recipients were recognized during the Annual Award Luncheon at CCAI’s Annual Meeting in Indian Wells, CA.


Dürr Ecoclean presents the new EcoCCore at IMTS 2014 in Chicago

30. July 2014



Dürr Ecoclean will present the all-new EcoCCore system for solvent-based parts cleaning at the IMTS 2014 in Chicago.


Designed to use non-halogenated hydrocarbons or modified alcohols, the machine is equipped with innovative technology for optimized cleaning quality, reduced costs, improved process stability and significant energy savings.


Additionally the EcoCCore boasts high speed processes, superior ease of operation, less space demand and an award winning design.


Whether in machining or metal forming, aerospace technology, medical equipment manufacture or other industries – wherever grease/oil-free surfaces must be obtained, solvents are the part-cleaning medium of first choice. For these applications Dürr Ecoclean’s innovative EcoCCore sets new standards. It is designed for operations with non-halogenated hydrocarbons or modified alcohols under full vacuum conditions.


Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and characterized by an extensive standard equipment level including two flood tanks, heat recovery, and full-flow plus bypass filtration capabilities, the EcoCCore meets most demanding requirements in regard to cleaning quality, process reliability, cost and energy efficiency, high speed, availability, short delivery times and eco-compatibility.


A major step towards improved cleaning quality lies in the new preliminary vapor degreasing process. Here the oil-containing distillate is not passed into the flood tank as usual but is directed straight into the distilling system. This minimizes oil deposits in the flood tank and an undesirable contamination of the solvent with oil. The result is an enhanced degreasing performance that will be found particularly beneficial with parts to be coated or laser-welded after cleaning. In addition, the preliminary vapor degreasing step offers advantages under elevated oil input conditions or when a second flood tank is used for a preservation treatment.

MacDermid Sponsors Automotive Decorative Finishes Seminar in Germany

28. July 2014



MacDermid held a decorative automotive supply chain seminar in June at the prestigious Automuseum in Ladenburg, Germany. Attendees were updated on REACh as it relates to the “Plating on Plastic” industry and were introduced to MacDermid’s latest innovations in hexavalent chromium-free pretreatment and plating technology.


Among the many topics that were discussed, of high interest was a talk by Dipl. Ing. Marina Engelking of Volkswagen outlining the increasing use of calcium and magnesium chloride as de-icing salts in Germany. Due to this VW has implemented two new accelerated tests, VW PV 1073-A and PV 1073-B, which will be incorporated into the TL 528 technical specification for chromium plated surfaces.


The increasing use of trivalent chromium in markets around the world was also discussed. Additionally, a chromium-free etching process for plastic was introduced. MacDermid’s evolve process, which is chromium, PFOS, SVHC and permanganate-free, requires no extra process tanks or processing times when compared to conventional metallization cycles. Production is currently meeting automotive standards and has demonstrated etch topography and adhesion values similar to chromic acid based processes.


MacDermid is also planning a POP plating summit to be held in the Detroit area this October for applicators in North America. For more information on this upcoming event, please contact or You can also visit


Columbia Chemical Gains Approvals As Preferred Supplier For Zinc And Zinc-Alloy Plating Processes

24. July 2014


Columbia Chemical Corp. has been granted approval from several global OEMs for the use of its zinc and zinc-alloy plating processes. To achieve these approvals, the processes were subjected to rigorous testing at each facility.


John Deere

John Deere has recently revised the updated specification JDM-F15 for fasteners.  Columbia Chemical has been granted approval under the specification for SpectraMATE 25  with COLFIN TTM-1016, COLDIP TRI-V 200 UB with COLFIN TTM-1016, SpectraMATE 25 with Zinc-Chro-SHIELD UV (contains UV tracer), and SpectraMATE 25 with Zinc-Chro-SHIELD.  These product combinations provide specific torque-tension and corrosion resistance requirements for fasteners. John Deere also granted JDM-F21 Fastener Approval for COLDIP TRI-V Zn-Ni TRUE BLUE 1000  with COLFIN TTM-1016 (integrated sealer/lubricant with UV tracer), which provides specific torque tension requirements for its zinc-nickel alloy plated fasteners.  For fasteners with a black finish, TRIVECTA Ni-Z Black 70 with COLFIN TTM-1016 (integrated sealer/lubricant with UV tracer) was selected and approved.


General Motors

General Motors has granted a global fastener approval for GMW 3200 tin-zinc alloy.  Columbia Chemical’s approved process includes COLTIN-ZN, COLDIP TZ-10, COLFIN TTM-1016. Columbia Chemical is also approved for the GMW-4700 Type B, BL specification for zinc-nickel.  Columbia Chemical’s approved process includes TRIVECTA NI-Z BLACK 70 with TRIVECTA BLACK SEALER 350.


National Cash Register

National Cash Register has approved COLDIP TRI-V 200UB for zinc plating under its 009-0020301F specification.      



Alfagomma, an Italian-based manufacturer of hoses, fittings and adapters with a worldwide network of regional branches, has granted approval of SpectraMATE 25 and Zinc-Chro-SHIELD to meet their galvanizing specifications for hydraulic components and for rigid pipe.  The processes are being provided and serviced by Tecnochimica, Columbia Chemical’s distributor in Italy.  Alfagomma requires a corrosion resistance of at least 200 hours for the zinc corrosion (white rust) and at least 400 hours for the corrosion of base metal (red rust) for both specifications.


Columbia Chemical Corporation is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of zinc and zinc alloy plating additives.  For more information, contact Columbia Chemical Corporation, 330-225-3200,


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