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Bernard Mitchel Wins NASF California Bright Design

6. January 2016



The NASF Chapters of Southern and Northern California, in partnership with the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, are pleased to announce Bernard Mitchel as first place scholarship winner of the 2015 Fall Bright Design Challenge.


This annual program prompts students to think beyond traditional design theory to develop “next generation” creative and engineering solutions utilizing surface technology.

Five finalists led the competition, eclipsing formidable competition with over 15 entries from students in the schools “Materials and Exploration” Class. This intense competition honors outstanding, innovative and sustainable design projects that include the best use of surface technology.

In addition to the $5,000 first place scholarship award, four additional awards were presented to the following students representing second through fifth place:

– Krista Humphrey
– Hiroshi Sakuma
– Kira Song
– Chang Fu Hsieh

For more information on the Bright Design Challenge, visit

AAC Releases Educational Course for Architects

4. January 2016



The Aluminum Anodizers Council's online learning course for architects, designers, engineers, building developers and professionals is available on AEC Daily, a continuing education website for building and construction professionals.


The course, Anodizing 101: Building, Construction & Design, was approved for continuing education units (CEU) by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the USGBC's Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and 20 other building and construction organizations. The Anodizing 101 course provides an overview of the characteristics, technical information and benefits of aluminum anodizing as used in building and design, as well as an overall understanding of the use of aluminum as a building material, alternative finishing methods, sustainability and application possibilities.


Developed by a subgroup of the AAC Promotion Committee, the course includes material that:


  • Provides technical information regarding the benefits of aluminum and anodized aluminum used as a building material in terms of strength and durability
  • Outlines the sustainable characteristics of aluminum & anodized aluminum building products
  • Presents solutions on how to address some of today's building design challenges in light of the increasing demand for green buildings
  • Showcases various building and construction applications and innovations using anodized aluminum
  • Provides specific details on how to properly specify these materials as part of the design process.

“This educational course has been in development for some time, so we are glad to be able to provide architects and designers with detailed information that will help them understand and consider the use of anodized aluminum for their projects,” says Paul Laurin, president of A & D Prevost in Quebec and current AAC chairman. “We have been told that there are many design professionals that are not familiar with the excellent characteristics that make anodized aluminum one of the best material choices for functional, aesthetic, sustainable and efficient designs. This course will provide these professionals with a better understanding of the many benefits anodized aluminum offers in building and construction applications.”


Please visit for more information.

Register Early for ECOAT16 and Save

3. January 2016



ECOAT16 is the electrocoat industry’s leading event for everyone involved with ecoat and those interested in learning more about this performance-driven technology.


Scheduled for February 15-17 at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, ECOAT16 is presented by The Electrocoat Association and Products Finishing magazine.


Register by January 15 to receive a $50-$75 discount off the normal registration fee.


Convenient online registration is available.


Why Should You Attend ECOAT16?

  • Leading Industry Experts will be there: Walk away with strategies and answers for your pressing ecoat issues.


  • Keynote AddressesLearn about automotive lightweighting trends and the impact they’ll have on your business.


  • NetworkingECOAT16 is an exceptional platform for cultivating business contacts.


  • Technical ProgramOver 20 technical sessions will tackle problem-solving, cost-saving and productivity strategies throughout the stages of an ecoat system.
  • One-stop Technology Sourcing: Leading industry suppliers host exhibits to display products and recommend solutions to enhance your operation.  Our unique exhibit style is an attendee favorite year after year.



Paid attendees receive a Conference Journal and online access to presentations.  All special events, breakfasts, breaks and lunches are also included.


For complete details, visit or contact Anne Von Moll, Conference Specialist, 800-950-8020, ext. 298; email:   


Professional Plating Expanding Brillion Plant

30. December 2015

An architects rendering of the finishing building at Professional Plating.



Professional Plating Inc. is beginning a new expansion program at its Brillion, Wisconsin, plant. Work is planned to commence on three separate building expansion projects. The three phases will be done concurrently, and the square footage additions will amount to over 60,000 square feet of new space being added, resulting in a total of 210,000 square feet.


The company also says that there will be a new zinc rack plating system addition that will come online in late summer of 2016. The new building and equipment investment will exceed $7.5 million.


Keller Inc. of Kaukauna, Wisconsin, has been chosen as the design-build partner for this expansion. The Keller Team has provided Professional Plating Inc. with each of its previous four building expansions in the company’s history. Jessup Engineering of Rochester Hills, Michigan, has been chosen to provide the zinc rack plating line. 


Professional Plating will also be relocating an existing 10,000-square-foot building from the current location on its Northway Drive Campus to a new location across the street on Northway Drive, and will be modifying that structure and developing it into a stand alone industrial warehouse facility.


Professional Plating employs 190, and with the planned expansion the company expects to add up to 20 new jobs to support the new sales growth at the full maturity of the project.


“Our team members are what drive our business. The ongoing growth and continued success of our company is a strong testament towards our team and our owner’s commitment to being a great company," says Larry Dietz, general manager of Professional Plating. “We are blessed to have a very diverse group of customers, and we appreciate their trust in our team and the value that we provide to their companies. We are looking forward to this exciting new step into the future of being able to provide for future growth at Professional Plating Inc.”


“We want to congratulate all the team members for being the reason we are able to keep growing this great business. The growth at Professional Plating is a strong reflection on the team that has been involved in any way, from our beginning in 1979 up thru the years," says Bob Endries, owner and founder of Professional Plating. “We are proud to continue to also expand our footprint and our commitment to the Brillion community and surrounding area. We appreciate the support of the city and county and we are very much looking forward to continuing to be a strong and thriving player in this area for a long and strong future”


For more information, please visit


Why Don't Antarctic Penguins Freeze? Their Finished Surface.

28. December 2015



Antarctic penguins are masters in adapting to their environment. Penguins dive through freezing cold water and yet they are able to move on land afterwards in extremely low temperatures of around -40°C without their feathers freezing.


Kruss Gmb from Germany reports that their cooperation partner, Prof. Pirouz Kavehpour from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of the UCLA and his team, carried out research into this property of penguin plumage so essential for their survival. The findings were presented for the first time on November 22 at the 68th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics in Boston. The team examined the extremely hydrophobic feathers in a special microscopic process and with our Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100 for contact angle measurement. 


The research group discovered that a particular hydrophobic oil from a special gland comes into contact with a nanostructured porous surface. The feathers textured and sealed in this way display an extremely high water contact angle of over 140 degrees. Round drops with a very small contact surface form on the feathers. This results in low heat transfer and makes water drip off quickly, so the water is no longer on the feathers when it freezes.


This topic has already awoken far-reaching interest outside of the sphere of university research. In addition to popular scientific media such the BBC and the Huffingtonpost have also published articles dedicated to the plumage of these amazing birds.

However, the properties of penguin feathers are not only interesting for animal lovers. The aerospace industry in particular has taken notice of the new possibilities of keeping surfaces clear of ice; a sector where freezing presents a high safety risk and until now has required great effort to prevent. The new findings could especially improve material development in aircraft construction. 


“It's a little ironic that a bird that doesn't fly could one day help an airplane fly more safely,” concludes Prof. Kavehpour.

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