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Products Finishing March Issue Debuts

5. March 2014



The March issue of Products Finishing magazine is hitting mailboxes this week with an emphasis on aerospace, including a cover story from Jerry Bauer and Sam Sutton on Aerospace NESHAP.


Other feature stories this month include:


Change In Chemicals Saves Saporito Finishing Almost $40,000

3. March 2014

Jeff Logan, Dan Bell, EPi's Eric Olander, Jeff Rice and Jose Cuevas of Saporito Finishing.


It's been almost 12 months since Jeff Logan, VP of Operations at Saporito Finishing in Cicero, IL, replaced his liquid caustic gluconated electrocleaner with his own 50 percent by weight liquid sodium hydroxide and EPi's new electrocleaning technology, E-Kleen SR 1020.


The results have been better cleaning on heat-treat scale parts, Logan says. The E-Kleen SR 1020 produces silver/grey parts prior to zinc plating, while the previous gluconated electrocleaner parts were grey/black.  He says end result is brighter parts and finishing difficult to clean parts once, not twice.


The best part is the money E-Kleen SR 1020 saved Saporito Finishing, almost $40,000, according to Logan.


Eric Olander, president of EPi, presented the savings to the Saporito team.  Logan added it saves Saporito 50 percent in chemical costs.


Olander says E-Kleen SR 1020 does not contains gluconates, thereby saving costs in waste treatment as customers do not have to use calcium salts in waste treatment any more, which means less waste treatment sludge.


For more info on E-Kleen SR 1020, please click HERE.




NaturalNano Buys General Super Plating

28. February 2014



NaturalNano, Inc has reached an agreement to acquire 100 percent ownership of Syracuse based General Super Plating LLC , the owner and operator that provides chrome plating services for products used in the automobile and household appliance industries. NNAN made the acquisition for common shares. The acquisition is expected to close in the near future.


"This acquisition is important to NNAN and its shareholders for two reasons,” Jim Wemett, NNAN CEO said. “First, it brings into NNAN a business with a very attractive and loyal customer base with the opportunity to grow the base plating business significantly. Second, it enables NNAN to work with the GSP business to identify opportunities to expand our proprietary halloysite nanotubes  applications. It provides our shareholders with real value by acquiring this established well-respected business for 60 million NNAN common shares."


J.T. Jacus, CEO of MJ Enterprises LLC, owner of GSP said, "We are excited to become a part of the NNAN team. This allows us to grow the GSP business in a fundamental way. It enables us to complete our plans to make further improvements to our manufacturing plant to increase capacity to take advantage of the growth of our customer base and add products to increase our annual sales above the $12 million sales level that was achieved in 2013."


General Super Plating specializes in high quality plating on plastics. GSP plates parts for world-famous brand names in the appliance, automotive, electrical, electronics, marine, medical, military, personal care, and plumbing industries.


NaturalNano, Inc, located in Rochester, New York, is engaged in the development and commercialization of material additives based on proprietary nanomaterial technology utilizing Halloysite Nanotubes (HNTs). The company provides industry with additives designed to improve the processing characteristics and mechanical properties of engineering thermoplastics, and additives designed to optimize the release of active agents such as vitamins and fragrance in cosmetic products.


NaturalNano holds patents relating to the commercial use of HNTs in composite materials as well as specialized techniques used in the refinement and processing of HNTs and intermediaries that it ships to customers worldwide. HNT materials used as a surface treatment have also shown promise in medical research devoted to stem cell collection and in trapping circulating cancer cells. The company is also exploring surface treatments relating to improved adhesion of protective coatings for polymer components used in numerous commercial applications.

NASF Launches Comprehensive Surface Finishing Guide

24. February 2014


The National Association for Surface Finishing has announced the release of the much-anticipated resource for the surface coatings industry – Advanced Surface Technology.


Advanced Surface Technology is the most comprehensive reference to date for a wide range of coating and finishing applications.  The publication is both a practical guide for any professional or operation in the coatings value chain, as well as a core text for the teaching of engineers and scientists at all levels in the field of surface technology.


The two-volume hardcover set, authored by Drs. Per Moller and Lars Pleth Nielsen, contains the most current information in an understandable format and is filled with numerous easy-to-understand illustrations, charts and descriptive graphics.  It should serve as an inclusive, easy-to-use tool for finishers, suppliers, and the OEM community.


The book will also serve as the basis for future updates.  The authors aim to update the text with new information and link to additional online resources.


“We’re quite pleased to be a partner with the authors on this project,” said NASF President, Rick Delawder.  “Industrial surface finishers around the world now have a great new resource to both keep current and gain new knowledge to help benefit their companies and their customers.”  


The two-volume hardcover set is now available for purchase online through the NASF website, for $130.00 plus handling for domestic and international shipping.

Trojan Powder Coating Paints Modern Valentine for New York City

21. February 2014



Trojan Powder Coating in Bay Shore, NY partnered with Young Projects in bringing architect Bryan Young’s award-winning concept to life in Times Square in New York.


Match-Maker, a unique installation designed to connect perfect strangers, was selected by the Times Square Alliance and the Van Alen Institute as the featured design for this year’s Valentine’s Day heart. 


Prominently displayed in Times Square, this innovative structure showcases interwoven aluminum periscopes which highlight the 12 astrological signs, offering a potential match for visitors looking through the webbed installation at their cosmically-aligned prospects. 


Trojan Powder Coating worked with manufacturer Kammetal to provide custom powder coating in various rich shades of merlot, cherry red, coral and light pink. The shiny bright hues introduced a dramatic effect to the structure, and the sleek periscopes of the installation convey a modern, fresh aesthetic for art lovers—and romantic hopefuls—this Valentine’s Day. 


For more information on Trojan Powder Coating, please visit

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