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Metalplate Galvanizing Announces $9.75 Million Investment For New Site

27. February 2015



Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Metalplate Galvanizing Chairman Hartwell Davis Jr. announced a $9.75 million capital investment to develop a metal galvanizing plant in Jennings.


With the development of a 50,000-square-foot facility, the company will create 104 new direct jobs with an average annual salary of $46,300, plus benefits. Louisiana Economic Development estimates the project will result in an additional 245 new indirect jobs, for a total of more than 340 new jobs in the Southwest Region. The company estimates the project will generate 50 construction jobs as well.


Gov. Jindal said: “Louisiana’s Southwest Region has become a beacon for major new investment and industrial activity, and we are proud to add Metalplate Galvanizing to the growing list of companies that have selected Louisiana for new business investment. Our efforts to strengthen our business climate are truly paying off – more people have a job in Louisiana today than ever before, and we welcome Metalplate Galvanizing to our state for the development of a facility that will continue our industrial renaissance.”


Through hot-dip galvanizing to protect metal from corrosion, Metalplate Galvanizing serves customers in steel, petrochemical and other industries. The new plant will be the company’s seventh facility, and it will allow Metalplate to increase its volume and support new and existing customers in Louisiana and throughout the South.


“This new plant will be the largest of Metalplate’s seven galvanizing plants located across the Southern U.S.,” Davis said. “Metalplate recognizes the very large and enduring growth potential of energy-related industry in Louisiana and in particular along its I-10 corridor. We see a great need developing for hot-dip galvanizing at both new industrial operations and expansions of existing plant facilities. Our decision for the South Louisiana location has been greatly facilitated by the strong encouragement and support of Jeff Davis Parish and Louisiana officials.”


Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, the new hot-dip galvanizing facility in Jennings will be the company’s first in Louisiana. Metalplate Galvanizing also operates facilities in Atlanta; Houston; and Jacksonville, Florida. The company launched operations in the 1930s as a small metal-finishing shop in Montgomery, Alabama, and began its hot-dip galvanizing process in Birmingham in 1949.


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New George Koch Sons Wastewater Treatment Concept Brings Operational And Cost Benefits

25. February 2015


George Koch Sons, LLC has introduced the Koch Rejuvenator, a stand-alone system that can link to new or existing processing lines to optimize cleaning chemical costs, reduce waste disposal expenditure and enhance production quality.


“The Koch Rejuvenator, which effectively cleans the cleaning solution, removes over 99% of oil and dirt from the cleaning stage and returns up to 97 percent of the solution back to the system for re-use,” says Sam Woehler, Vice President of Sales for George Koch Sons, LLC.  “It captures both floating and emulsified oils while reducing chemical costs by minimizing the need for chemical dosing.”


The skid-mounted Koch Rejuvenator is simply located alongside and connected to the cleaner process tank.  It utilizes a ceramic membrane and highly efficient, ultra-filtration technology to remove waste materials from the wash water before returning it to the process.  Because it maintains an extremely high quality level of wash solution, it benefits both production efficiency and effectiveness, helping the component or parts cleaning operation to be optimized.


“Since the rejuvenator continuously cleans the cleaner bath, the cleaning process is much more consistent, parts emerge cleaner, and tank dumps are greatly reduced,” adds Sam Woehler.  “Also, because the focus is on recovery and re-use at the source, early in the process, in many instances waste treatment at the end of the process is reduced.”


Payback can be achieved in less than three years with savings also arising from the need for only minimal maintenance and cleaning, and the fact that that waste oil can also present an opportunity for onward selling.


“This is a significant step in an important area of the metal treatment and finishing sector and one that has already been proven in typical installations in America,” comments Tom Neeley, Product Manager at George Koch’s global headquarters in Indiana.


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Florida Finishers Conference Draws Crowd To Hear History

25. February 2015



“Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow In Metal Finishing” was the theme of the 2015 Florida Finishers Corp. Mid-Winter Conference & Exposition 2015 January 28-29 at Hilton Double Tree Resort Sea World, Orlando, FL.


Event directors said a large group of finishers and suppliers were on hand to hear a group of speakers over the two-day event, as well as to tour the Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control and the Mission Systems and Training center.


Speakers included Wendy Weick, Richard Mahn, Mike Aleksinas, Dave Barron, Jim Collins, Erica Worsdell, Dr. Melissa Klingenberg, Gil Burlew, Dave Eyler, Keith Eidschun, Jim Jones, Harold Acosta, Rob Mason and Tim Pennington.


For more information for next year's event, please visit


Attendees listen to speakers at the Florida Finishers Corp. conference.

De Nora Launches New Website and Corporate Image

23. February 2015



De Nora has launched a new image and website for its company. Company officials said the site was created with the intention of bringing together all the companies of the group under a single identity while maintaining the distinctive characteristics of each region and each local entity.


The website, with brand new images and content in the English language, and soon to be available in seven different languages, aims to represent an innovative and dynamic company starting from the analysis and significance of its updated logo.


The new logo, in a brighter and lighter green, is redesigned in its shape and font to better balance the dimensions and weight of the ODN symbol with the company name, which is now more readable, linear and visually appealing.


The new logo communicates and reflects the new corporate identity and the innovation and strong values that for nearly 100 years have been the pillars of the De Nora legacy.


The new tagline, “Electrochemistry at your service”, encompasses De Nora’s commitment and passion in the “one-on-one” relationships built daily with customers and partners; confirms De Nora’s capabilities to offer tailored and highly innovative solutions with a flexible and direct approach; highlights the important role of electrochemistry in everyday life.


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TWR Service Acquires ISO 9001:2008 Certification

18. February 2015




TWR Service Corporation has received ISO9001:2008 certification. With assistance from the consulting services of Genesis 1 Technology, TWR completed the certification process in July of 2014.


TWR specializes in high quality Electroless Nickel plating and is excited to provide their customers with the assurance of an integrated management system that is documented and monitored to promote a consistent, quality driven service experience every time.


TWR is located in Schaumburg, IL. For information, call 847-923-0692, email, or visit their site at


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