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Columbia Chemical Gains Approvals As Preferred Supplier For Zinc And Zinc-Alloy Plating Processes

24. July 2014


Columbia Chemical Corp. has been granted approval from several global OEMs for the use of its zinc and zinc-alloy plating processes. To achieve these approvals, the processes were subjected to rigorous testing at each facility.


John Deere

John Deere has recently revised the updated specification JDM-F15 for fasteners.  Columbia Chemical has been granted approval under the specification for SpectraMATE 25  with COLFIN TTM-1016, COLDIP TRI-V 200 UB with COLFIN TTM-1016, SpectraMATE 25 with Zinc-Chro-SHIELD UV (contains UV tracer), and SpectraMATE 25 with Zinc-Chro-SHIELD.  These product combinations provide specific torque-tension and corrosion resistance requirements for fasteners. John Deere also granted JDM-F21 Fastener Approval for COLDIP TRI-V Zn-Ni TRUE BLUE 1000  with COLFIN TTM-1016 (integrated sealer/lubricant with UV tracer), which provides specific torque tension requirements for its zinc-nickel alloy plated fasteners.  For fasteners with a black finish, TRIVECTA Ni-Z Black 70 with COLFIN TTM-1016 (integrated sealer/lubricant with UV tracer) was selected and approved.


General Motors

General Motors has granted a global fastener approval for GMW 3200 tin-zinc alloy.  Columbia Chemical’s approved process includes COLTIN-ZN, COLDIP TZ-10, COLFIN TTM-1016. Columbia Chemical is also approved for the GMW-4700 Type B, BL specification for zinc-nickel.  Columbia Chemical’s approved process includes TRIVECTA NI-Z BLACK 70 with TRIVECTA BLACK SEALER 350.


National Cash Register

National Cash Register has approved COLDIP TRI-V 200UB for zinc plating under its 009-0020301F specification.      



Alfagomma, an Italian-based manufacturer of hoses, fittings and adapters with a worldwide network of regional branches, has granted approval of SpectraMATE 25 and Zinc-Chro-SHIELD to meet their galvanizing specifications for hydraulic components and for rigid pipe.  The processes are being provided and serviced by Tecnochimica, Columbia Chemical’s distributor in Italy.  Alfagomma requires a corrosion resistance of at least 200 hours for the zinc corrosion (white rust) and at least 400 hours for the corrosion of base metal (red rust) for both specifications.


Columbia Chemical Corporation is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of zinc and zinc alloy plating additives.  For more information, contact Columbia Chemical Corporation, 330-225-3200,


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