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It's Time to Defend the Integrity of Moldmaking Skills

By: Christina M. Fuges
25. April 2013

A highlight of the first day of the AMBA Convention in Schaumburg yesterday was some very important and interesting news.  "It is time to defend the integrity of the skills it takes to work in this industry." These are the words of Ryan Pohl of Expert Tech Training who introduced the AMBA's new initiative: standardized testing for moldmakers and CNC machinists.

The AMBA board has just endorsed an apprenticeship model from which professionally developed industry standard tests will be developed.

Right now they are looking for six to 10 regionally diverse experts to define what it means to be a moldmaker and CNC machinist. This group will then come to Expert Tech Facilities in Grand Rapids, MI to sit down and develop the test and establish the curriculum.

If you are interested email or call (616) 785-5733.


The AMBA Board has approved the development of a modern Apprenticeship template for CNC Machinists and Mold-Makers.  The template will be developed in conjunction with standardized testing for CNC Machinists and Mold-Makers.  The apprenticeship template and standardized tests will be invaluable tools that will be needed to safeguard the integrity of the knowledge and skills necessary to work in the mold-making industry. 

The AMBA Needs Your Experts!

To develop the template and tests, the AMBA has hired a consultant, Dr. Kitty Manley from Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan to perform a process called a DACUM.  This process requires 6-10 industry experts from each subject area (CNC & Mold-Making) to work with Dr. Manley in establishing the core knowledge and skills.  This will be a three-day process held during the week's listed below:
Week of June 24th - CNC Machinists

Week of July 8th - Moldmakers
The AMBA needs 6-10 expert CNC Machinists and 6-10 expert Mold-Makers from regionally and industrially diverse mold-making companies to go to Grand Rapids, MI during the week's listed above to contribute to the development of this standard.  If you would like to send one of your top CNC Machinists or Moldmakers to contribute to setting the industry's new skill standard, please contact one of the people below.

Andy Baker
Byrne Tool & Design

Robbie Earnhardt
Superior Tooling

Ryan Pohl
Expert Tech


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