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Maintenance Matters

By: Christina M. Fuges
8. March 2013

Would you rather maintain something of value or neglect it and then have to repair it? We constantly talk about maintaining our physical and mental health, our cars, our homes—our important purchases and investments … so why does maintaining our molds seem like the least valued step in the mold manufacturing process?  When in fact, the value of a well maintained mold is priceless.

Some essential processes to mold maintenance, and necessary repair, include cleaning, retrofitting and welding; however, to complete those efficiently and effectively takes organized documentation, methodology, troubleshooting and training.

Training is key; mostly because maintenance/repair is just different than building. So it requires shops to invest in creating mold repair technicians, define goals and secure commitment to the plan.  A team approach is key—so getting molding and toolroom managers, molding facility plant managers and owners on board is essential.

What shop doesn’t want to stop the constant putting out of fires. And you know molders want to save money on repairs and OEMs want to reduce their spare parts expenses. Proper maintenance can help with all of that. Make sure you check out MMT's March issue and look for news about our upcoming Mold Maintenance/Repair Supplment, and Conference Track at amerimold expo June 13 from 8am-Noon in Rosemont, IL.


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