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Mobile Device App Acts as Sales Tool

By: Chris Koepfer
26. April 2013

Forget the traditional bag and catalog. Today’s sales engineers carry in the palm of their hand more access to technical information than ever before. To that end, Swiss precision cutting tool manufacturer, Rego-Fix (Indianapolis, Ind.), recently announced that its sales force has been equipped with a new mobile device application that allows for instant calculation of ROI, product specifications, pricing, video demonstrations and more to improve the resources available to its customers.

For many shops, the sales call can be a nuisance, especially if the sales person fails to recognize the precious nature of time. Increasingly, that sales person is being phased out in favor of people that can bring a useful deliverable to the customer.

In today’s competitive marketplace, we recognize the need to provide customers with up-to-date and comprehensive information at each and every step of the process,” says Bill Obras, vice president of sales at Rego-Fix. “Order takers are out, replaced with consultants that add value to the process by giving information that is correct and instantaneous. This app does that.”    

Increasingly, the use of mobile resources will proliferate, and as it does, companies that take advantage of it to the benefit of the customer will have an edge. It’s a version of automation making a sales call more efficient and giving technical information instantly to speed up the purchasing process.

For more information on Rego-Fix’s tooling portfolio, visit the company’s website.   

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