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Moser on the Move ...

By: Christina M. Fuges
12. November 2013

And continuing to make manufacturing waves. Harry Moser, founder of the Reshoring Intiative, hit Fox Business with his answer to the question: "Is this country doing enough to bring jobs home?"

"We can't claim a victory, but we are at least in the battle," says Moser. He explains companies are consistently bringing back work. The Initiative calculates about 30,000 manufacturing jobs a year are coming back and we've come close to having the offshoring be balanced by the reshoring. However, Moser still says the country can do more, such as reduce corporate taxes, and better recruit and train the toolmakers and precision machinists we need. Moser believes we need to train and elevate the image of engineers, toolmakers and precision machinists to be a profession instead of a trade.

In terms of opportunities for growth, he notes a few sector trends in manufacturing, including appliances, machinery and transportation parts. Relatrively big things that never made the trip overseas because of freight costs.Twenty-five percent of offshored work would come back if companies did the math to determine true costs. In terms of helping to educate companies on the benefits of bringing jobs back, Moser emphasizes the true cost of offshoring. Check out his Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator here.


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