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NASCAR Victory and a Suzuki CUV Concept Design

By: Gary S. Vasilash
14. December 2012

As NASCAR fans everywhere know, this year Brad Keselowski won the Sprint Cup Series Championship in the #2 Miller Lite Dodge owned by Roger Penske.

As NASCAR fans everywhere also know, Dodge has exited the Sprint Cup Series Championship. As one of my colleagues pointed out, the guys at Dodge probably didn’t want to wait another 37 years to get another cup (i.e., the last Dodge championship was in 1975).

Of course, Dodge announced its departure from the series long before Keselowski finished the season at Homestead.

It some ways it brings Suzuki to mind. American Suzuki, that is. Which announced early in November that it was filing for bankruptcy in the U.S. market.

Suzuki S-Cross Concept

Last week, the Suzuki S-Cross concept C-segment crossover utility vehicle was named “The Best Concept Car” at the 10th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition.

While it may be a stretch from NASCAR to an award predicated on the votes of Chinese experts and regular folk, from a victory to a CUV.

But it would seem that if Suzuki were to have had a vehicle in the U.S. market like the S-Cross, it probably would be doing better than it has so far this year which, according to Autodata, puts it at a 0.2% marketshare.

Of course, hindsight is often 20:20 whether it is racing or retailing.

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