NRA Funds Scholarships for Gunsmithing, Metal Finishing

Nearly $100,000 in grants for Montgomery Community College scholarships for its gunsmithing program since 1994.




Nearly $100,000 in the National Rifle Association Foundation grants have funded Montgomery Community College scholarships for its gunsmithing program since 1994, a program that includes a larger portion on metal finishing.


These merit-based scholarships help spur high academic achievement and pristine attendance records while providing students with the freedom and flexibility to undertake notably challenging projects.


The MCC gunsmithing curriculum is designed to prepare the student to diagnose malfunctions, determine the best methods of repair, and develop skills in the repair of firearms. Students can choose from a gunsmithing degree, diploma or certificate in a daytime or weekend program. Students are taught:

  • Machine shop - including tooling and blueprinting
  • Firearm diagnostics and repair
  • Laws and regulations governing firearms and businesses


More than two-thirds of class time is spent in the shops applying what you learn in the classroom. Because of the school’s NRA affiliation, students can take advantage of NRA short-term gunsmithing, knife-making and armorers courses taught by nationally-known experts. Firearms manufacturers such as Smith & Wesson, Sig Arms, Glock, Beretta USA and Sturm Ruger have all brought their armorers schools to the MCC.


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