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PartMaker Viewer for Data Sharing

By: Chris Felix
20. February 2013

Delcam’s PartMaker Division has launched a free utility called PartMaker Viewer. The software allows users to easily view and share manufacturing and engineering data from 2D prints, 3D models and even complete 3D assemblies. It can be downloaded here

The viewer allows PartMaker users to collaborate with others in their organization as well as those outside of it who may not have access to PartMaker, free of cost. By simply exporting a file from PartMaker’s Simulation as an STL and bringing it into PartMaker Viewer, company management, shopfloor personnel, or even a shop’s customer or other external partners can see the work being done in PartMaker.

Viewer is a free utility offered by Delcam, not a timed evaluation that will expire. Contract manufacturers and job shops can encourage their customers to download the software to help in working more collaboratively.

“PartMaker Viewer is a great addition to the PartMaker CAD/CAM software suite,” says PartMaker Division President Hanan Fishman. “PartMaker provides a complete production engineering CADCAM solution from geometry creation, to engineering data repair and modification, to tool path creation, to machine simulation, to NC code generation.”


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