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Racetrack Success Begins in the Shop

By: Matt Danford
13. December 2012

Amid all the excitement of watching open-wheeled racecars scream by at speeds exceeding 200 mph, it can be easy to forget that performance on the track depends on more than just the skill of the driver. Behind every race team is a shop tasked with designing and manufacturing new parts needed to fine-tune these powerful machines between every event, often at very short notice.

This article, supplied by BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling, speaks to the importance of manufacturing technology for any race team’s success. For Andretti Autosport, 2012 has been an especially challenging year because the team completely redesigned its vehicles, from the body to the engine to the chassis. Among the products the team cites as critical to its operations are the Mega E collet chuck and a Speroni tool presetter, both from Big Kaiser—thus demonstrating that speed and precision become important long before the wheels hit the track. 


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