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Working on the Workforce

By: Christina M. Fuges
3. May 2013

We hear a lot about and have covered much on the industry's workforce development challenges this year, but now it's time to hear what you guys and gals have actually be "doing". You can hear these stories at the amerimold expo this June 12 in Rosemont, IL.

2:30pm-3:15pm    Build Panel 2: Making Real Progress in Workforce Development
Andrew Baker, Byrne Tool & Design: Creating a Solid Menu of Training Options
With a focus on striving to be different, encouraging employee passion, building trust, while maintaining job satisfaction and retention,  Byrne Tool & Design offers an extensive variety of training options for all employees to take advantage through the use of outside training consultants customizing programs to Byrne—including cross-training, leadership principles, sales strategies, computer skills improvement, CAD/CAM education, high-speed machining instruction, just to name a few. *In addition, learn about the American Mold Builder’s Association’s new effort to develop a National Apprenticeship Program whose goal is to set the industry standard for apprenticeship certification.

Dave Martin, Accu-Mold, LLS, Advanced Manufacturing Consortium: Addressing the Skilled Labor Shortage.  The 26 companies in our workforce development Advanced Manufacturing Consortium— four workgroups dedicated to recruitment, screening, training and implementation—recognized early on the shortage in skilled trades and desired a program to jumpstart investment-grade people into a CNC or moldmaking career. A direct result of the consortium’s work is the formation of the Production Technician Academy. Each candidate is screened for character skills and enters the free program, and in 6 weeks has basic skills.

Mike Zacharias, Extreme Tool & Engineering, Inc.:  The Direct to Workforce Approach
A review of a creative approach to marketing vocational opportunities to next-generation employee candidates, and creating and culturing a mutually beneficial relationship between education and industry. Putting dollars and "sense" to career options, and helping put young Americans to work in good jobs, where the demand exceeds supply.

Jeff Barhoff, Rexam: Revamping Your Apprentice Program. RMM’s commitment to an ever-improving apprenticeship program helps sustain and grow its current and future business. This session will take a look at an innovative approach to employee training where this mold manufacturer looked within its own talent pool to develop—and implement—a new apprenticeship program to address the skilled workforce challenge.  The benefits of the program are many. They train personnel about the RMM way of building molds, which helps integrate these people into the mold manufacturing facility in a seamless fashion. It proves for a great reward program for the young committed employees, builds enthusiasm, and helps the morale of all employees to see enthusiastic people learning the trade. And, at the end of the program, they have a great employee who can now contribute to the company’s overall objective of better servicing its customers.

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