MFASC & MFANC Supplier Showcase 2014

September 09 - 11, 2014

The Metal Finishing Association of Southern California (MFASC) and the Metal Finishing Association of Northern California (MFANC) are pleased to announce the California Showcase Week 2014, holding both the MFASC Supplier Showcase and the MFANC Vendor Showcase in the same week, on September 9th and September 11th, 2014, respectively. This event will bring together the top local and national suppliers and key people in the metal finishing and surface finishing industry throughout California! We are also offering FREE transportation of your display booth materials from the MFASC Supplier Showcase in Montebello to the MFANC Vendor Showcase in San Jose!

Both SUPPLIER SHOWCASE and VENDOR SHOWCASE bring together suppliers to the metal finishing industry and key decision makers from metal finishing companies looking for innovative products and services for the challenges they face from customers and regulators. Suppliers will be provided four full hours to exhibit their products and services. These shows are the most cost effective way to reach all your metal finishing customers and potential customers in one evening.

Don’t miss this chance to meet our memberships and socialize with friends. Take advantage of this opportunity to make important sales contacts for the entire State of California. We look forward to seeing you during California Showcase Week 2014 on September 9th & 11th!

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